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Welcome to Acquisitions — Perfect for Gifts

Awesome, you made it. Welcome to New Zealand’s leading home of great gifts and home-wares online.

Here at Acquisitions - Perfect for Gifts we’ve got a ton of awesome gift ideas for your loved ones that’ll match each of their unique personalities ‘to-a-T’. Well, all except Great Uncle Terrance. That cat is way too crazy! Actually, scratch that, check out our ‘Quirky and Fun’ section and you’re bound to find something there for him too.

We also live to bring you oh-so desirable and contemporary home-ware and décor products that will enhance your home and lifestyle.

We make gift giving so flipping easy that literally trillions of people (“Ah, you mean figuratively.” ~ The Grammar Police) visit us daily to find that perfect gift for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the dog’s birthday, a 2-week anniversary and many other occasions great and small.

Hey, maybe you’re here looking for something great just for you? That’s cool too. Feel free to be yourself while you’re here. We won’t judge. We just plain LOVE to help people find special things that make life just that little bit more wonderful and colourful.

Shopping online with us means you can browse and buy in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are, and in your underwear if you like (please turn off Skype first though!). When you’re done filling your cart with goodies you can then take advantage of our low shipping rates. If you're overseas and want to send to loved ones or colleagues in New Zealand you're in the right place too because you'll only pay local delivery rates (those low ones I mentioned just before), which means no more costly international postage.

By the way, if you’ve read this far then good for you! I really thought you’d stop at the Great Uncle Terrance gag. Enjoy your browsing.

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